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Chango is a programmatic advertising platform that connects marketers with their exact target audience in real time across Display, Social, Mobile, & Video.

We help in 3 ways

Build brand awareness

Acquire new customers

Retarget existing
site visitors

Why Chango?

Our Programmatic Approach

Chango's platform has been designed and built over 5 years for the new era of real-time "programmatic" advertising. We use data and algorithms to precisely identify your audience and then efficiently buy ad inventory across Display, Mobile, FBX, Twitter and Video.

100 Billion Algorithmic Decisions Made Each Day

Industry Experts
help you succeed

The company has more than 100 introverts, extroverts, right brains, and left brains working hard to solve marketers’ most complex problems.

90%+ Client Retention Rate

Our Exclusive Data

Data is a key aspect of correctly identifying an audience. Chango has access to all the behavioral, contextual and browsing data you might expect. In addition, Chango has exclusive access to billions of real-time searches collected from Google, Yahoo! and Bing through our proprietary Data Network.

400+ Million Audience Profiles

Universal Live
Profile technology

Chango keeps the profile of hundreds of millions of web, mobile and tablet users "in memory" and updates each profile in real-time as new data about each individual is gathered. Think of this like your computers RAM memory - this live data is available within 10 milliseconds, thereby enabling us to react instantaneously whereas other systems take hours or days to process the very same data.

Hundreds of millions of profiles refreshed in milliseconds

Chango Hero of the Month

Lori Dekker

Managing Director

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