Chango becomes search data leader with more searches than Yahoo! and Bing combined

As a reader of this blog, you are probably most familiar with Chango as being the team that solved Search Retargeting, the method by which NEW prospects are found for client based on the searches they conducted on Google, Yahoo! or Bing, but who have not yet visited their site.

As a business we are focused on quality data, and lots of it. And we are now the second largest source of search data in the US, Canada and UK, just behind Google! If you are going to be just behind somebody in search data, it might as well be Google :)

In April 2012 comScore reports that there were 27.7 billion searches in the US, of which Microsoft sites represented 15.4% (4.266bn searches), and Yahoo sites 13.5% (3.645bn searches). Chango has significantly more searches captured each month than either of them, and just edges out their combined total.

We collect this data primarily from incoming referrer data from the major search engines, and we use it to help advertisers find the right prospects to target with their message. As an industry we have spent years talking about search display is a magical 1 1=3 equation, well now the two are actually working together in ways we could not have predicted.

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