Webinar #12

The Modern Brand Advertiser

Discover the benefits of programmatic videos and Twitter Tailored Audiences

Prem Shah
VP Strategy, Chango
Ori Carmel
Marketing Manager, Twitter

Brand advertisers are seeing the benefits of data-driven marketing: the ability to reach the right audience based on rich data sets across desired inventory. You can now buy programmatic video to build your brand. You can also run Twitter tailored audiences campaign to engage your brand loyalists on Twitter.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What programmatic branding is (hint: it’s more than just display)

  • How programmatic offers a substantial potential to support audience and long-time value

  • What are the opportunities for programmatic video?

  • What is Twitter tailored audiences?

  • How can tailored audiences can help turn brand loyalists into followers?

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Jun 18, 2014

1:00PM EDT

The cast

Prem Shah
VP Strategy, Chango
Premal brings to Chango a diverse background in Business Development and Strategy within the media technology industry. As Vice President of Strategy at Chango, Premal is responsible for leading best practices and partnership strategies across all media solutions and the Programmatic Marketing Platform (PMP). Prior to joining Chango, Premal was responsible for Business Development and Strategy efforts at Disney Interactive Media, where he worked on a number of initiatives driving new revenue and audience including the launch of a deals-related product targeting moms & families, licensing of Disney IP/content, video distribution, content recommendation solutions and other page yield monetization . Prior to that, Premal lead Strategic Planning efforts at Kaboose Inc, which was acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 2009. Premal graduated from the Schulich School of Business with a BBA in Finance and is also a CMA. Premal is based in Toronto.
Ori Carmel
Marketing Manager, Twitter
Ori has spent the past 14 years of his professional career in multiple business strategy, analysis and marketing positions. Over the past 9, he focused on online marketing and growth strategy within the retail vertical, helping brands and agencies connect with audiences in an increasingly complex environment. In between he managed to live on 3 continents, travel around the world for 18 months, read Moby Dick thrice and survive an avalanche once. He lives in NYC with his wife who's expecting and their dog Moose.

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