Acquire new customers

We help you find new customers who have an interest
in your products and services. Only Chango has
access to intent data to target individuals
before you lose their attention.
Our Approach

We use a large variety of data to score your customers based on their
intentions to buy your products and services. Our data network
captures intent data in real time. This means that we can target
individuals the millisecond they express their intent and deliver an ad to
them faster than any of our competitors do.


of searches/month

Search data

Data collected from thousands of publishers, who we pay to acquire search data.


of site visits/month

Browsing behavior

Browsing data from hundreds of millions of individuals. Includes what websites they are visiting among other data points.


of data processed each day

Contextual data

Includes browser data, time of the day individuals make online purchase, and other contextual data that can help identify an audience.


of segments

Behavioral & historical purchase data

Thousands of segments associated with each Chango Profile from all major 3rd party data providers.


Our acquisition solutions come standard with powerful features such as
access to our live intent data, fraud prevention and an online
dashboard that allows you to track your campaign performance in real time.

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