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Search Retargeting

Every day people turn to Google, Yahoo! or Bing to help them find products and services they need. At Chango, we find those potential customers and bring them to your site. We love connecting online consumers with relevant advertisers. Our solution is called Search Retargeting, and it’s crucial to the success of your digital marketing strategy. It can boost awareness of your brand, help you find new customers, and even woo customers away from your competition.

How it works

Like all good science, our results almost look like magic. But Search Retargeting works because it is display advertising that talks directly to people who have already expressed an interest in your product or service. Here’s how it works:

  1. We spot consumers who use keywords that match your business or campaign.
  2. We remember that search term (anonymously, of course).
  3. Now, Chango can target that user with a display ad for your company based on the search terms.

How it works for you

Chango’s ‘Search Retargeting’ uses search profiles from major search engines to pinpoint potential customers who have never been to your site, but who show definite interest in your product or service. When you add it to your digital marketing strategy, the results are clear.

  • Find New Customers

    Bring new visitors to your site who are searching for your product or service.

  • Plug the Leaks in your SEM

    By targeting keywords, you have a second opportunity beyond search engine marketing to find your exact customers.

  • Get the Most Out of Your Media Spend

    Search Retargeting focuses on the intent of potential customers, so you only buy media that targets specific consumers.

  • Boost Brand Awareness

    Put your message in front of only those individuals most relevant to you.

How Do We Collect Search Data?

Chango has a proprietary network of data partners that are compensated for helping us generate our data. We place our code on their sites and when they see incoming traffic from search engines, we drop a cookie and store that data anonymously. We follow all standards for data collection and management, and are a member of the NAI and IAB.

More on The Chango Data Network

One Company, 8+ Billion Searches

Infographic: If Chango was a search engine, it would be the second largest source of search data after Google
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Every month Chango captures 8+ billion search events through the Chango Data Network. This is proprietary search data that we’ve gathered ourselves. Translation: no one else can deliver this level of targeted search data. That’s what makes Chango different. We offer some of the most focused and highly optimized advertising campaigns in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the ads placed?
We have a combination of exchange-based inventory and a network of premium publishers – together these give us access to more than 95% of the population. We are also a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, giving us access to the Facebook Exchange inventory.
Do I need to supply keywords?
Typically a client will give us their SEM keyword list as a starting point, but we can also help you generate a list for Search Retargeting too.
What countries do you operate?
We currently run campaigns in the USA, Canada and the UK. And we will be expanding to more areas shortly.
What are your rates?
Pricing is very transparent. We charge based on an auction based dynamic CPM. We will agree to a maximum CPM bid price and you will be charged what it costs to acquire the impressions or clicks. For example, you may bid a maximum of $5 CPM but only get charged an effective CPM (eCPM) of $3 if we can fill your campaign at that rate.
Are there any other fees?
No. The dCPM is all that you pay. All other costs (data, hosting and ad serving) are included. However, if you choose to use 3rd party services like DART or Atlas then you are responsible for those ad serving costs.
Are the sites brand safe?
All our publishers pass three levels of evaluation, ensuring your ads are only placed in brand positive environments. We have a partnership with Integral (previously AdSafe Media). It means that all of your impressions can be served on publishers that are brand safe. There is no charge to our advertisers for this service.
Can the campaign run through DART?
Yes. Chango is compatible with all major ad servers (i.e. DART, Atlas). In addition to the reporting available in DART, Chango can provide keyword-level reporting.
Does it work?
Yes! We have many types of clients using Search Retargeting for both branding and direct response campaigns. Those running on direct response are regularly beating their targets with us and we have a 90%+ renewal rate.
Why is Chango considered the leading provider?

We won't deny it; Search Retargeting was tough to get right! We have a team of seasoned technology and media entrepreneurs who worked hard building technology to be able to deliver the kinds of results that we see. That technology is a key reason—we uniquely collect, optimize and bid at the keyword level using our own technology from end to end.

It's all about our people and culture. We operate on a model where every single account is staffed by a Campaign Optimizer and an Account Manager, allowing us to add real value to your business. When we call, you will know it's because we have some great ideas to share, not just to ask you for another IO. We are the fastest growing company that provides Search Retargeting, and proud of it.

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