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Programmatic Site Retargeting

Site Retargeting targets two types of people: existing customers you want to bring back to your site, and potential customers who visit your site, but leave without making contact, or a purchase. Catching the attention of these people—and converting them into customers—is what Site Retargeting does best.

More Bang for your Buck

Spending anything on wasted impressions is not an option. You need to know where your ads are running, who they're talking to, and when your ads are paying off.

Based on massive amounts of data we collect, we embed logic and rules (the Programmatic part of our equation) to dynamically change creative and media buying. Translation: you show potential customers the right ad, the right number of times, at the right price. When Site Retargeting is done right, you get results.

  • You know more about your visitors

    Chango can rank potential customers with an IntentScore, helping you accurately predict whether they’ll convert.

  • You make smarter decisions in real time

    Eliminate useless marketing on people who will never convert. Chango pinpoints valuable users and develops campaigns tailored to them.

  • You create ads tailored to each individual

    Understand who your most valuable potential customers are, and deliver highly personalized ads that speak to them.

Chango Takes Site Retargeting from Broken to Brilliant

Chango brings a fresh approach to site retargeting. Most programs have the dubious reputation of being catch-all marketing solutions that produce, at best, uncertain results. Instead of just bucketing individuals into a number of pre-defined segments, serving ads to users who will never convert, and burning cash on wasted impressions, Chango offers powerful insights and convincing results:

  • Captures an individual’s true value, and shows them the right number of impressions, and at the right price.
  • Provides solid insight into where your ads are running, what frequency cap is being used, and whether your dollars are being invested wisely.

The Evolution of Site Retargeting

  1. 1x efficiency

    Site Retargeting

    Treats all the site visitors the same regardless of the pages they visit.

  2. 4x efficiency

    Site Retargeting

    Considers what pages visitors look at to show dynamic ads.

  3. 10x efficiency

    Site Retargeting

    Use more data about each page visitor to personalize creative and media buying rules.

We score each visitor based on what they do before, during and after they visit your site. That means you only run ads to visitors who have the highest chance of becoming customers. With Chango’s scoring methods, you know exactly which ads to show, and when to show them, to capture your customer.

  • Example 1

    Pages visited indicate

    Individual makes multiple visits to a retailer’s site in a short period of time, regularly viewing content and indicating intent to purchase.

    High value
    Increase price bid
  • Example 2

    Value based on Chango

    Individual arrives on Car Brand’s site and only browses for a short period, not showing a strong intent to purchase. However, they also search on Google competitive brand terms and are a strong candidate to entice from competitor brands.

    High value
    Increase price bid
  • Example 3

    Visits many pages, but fast exit and random behavior

    Individual arrives on Personal Finance site, but leaves quickly. During visit, clicks on many product or intent pages but moves on quickly each time.

    Low value
    Decrease price bid
  • Example 4

    Recent purchaser

    Individual browses a category on retailer’s site. However, CRM database indicates individual has purchased a model within the previous 12 months, and is therefore not an active shopper.

    Little to no value
    Do not bid

A Solution You Can Understand and Trust

  • Product Category &
    Keyword-Level Bidding

    Accurately target individuals based on solid data—the pages they look at, or the searches they use to arrive to your site.

  • Personalized Creative

    Automatically adapt your creative to the product-level browsing behavior of your target audience. First party data and IntentScore information further sharpen your creative, making it even more eye-catching.

  • Three Levels of Brand Safety

    Stop your ads from appearing on unsuitable publishers’ sites. By combining internal campaign review and real-time analysis, Chango protects your brand’s reputation. Read more

  • Offline to Online Targeting

    Boost your customer retention retargeting program by importing your offline data files, and targeting those same individuals online.

  • Transparency

    Whether you’re a small business or an Enterprise level client, understand your program, inside and out, and have confidence that your Client Services team is helping you make the best decisions using all the data available.

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