Facebook exchange (FBX)

Use our data to target customers where
they spend the most time.

The Facebook Advertising Exchange (FBX) is a real-time bidding ad exchange
that allows advertisers to serve tailored display ads on Facebook. Chango
collects anonymous users’ browsing and search history. When these
customers log into Facebook, they’re retargeted with a relevant ad based on
the site they were browsing or the products they were searching for.

How It Works

You can retarget customers on Facebook with updates directly in their News Feed and with
ads on the right-hand column.

FBX News Feed Ads

Consumers can ‘like’ or comment on your ads, building your brand’s social momentum across your target audience.

FBX Right-Hand Column Ads

Your ads appear on the right side of the Facebook page. Specify a custom image, title, and description to talk directly to your target audience.


Target Google, Bing and Yahoo! searches
inside Facebook

Leverage our Acquisition solution to find new customers
on Facebook using search data. Learn more

Retarget your site visitors

Leverage our fully-managed Programmatic Site
Retargeting solution to target anyone who has been to
your site. Learn more


Our FBX solutions come with powerful features such as a geo-targeting,
and an online dashboard that allows you to track your campaign
performance in real time.

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Chango can run ads on the Right-Hand Column (RHS) and also News Feed.

FBX News Feed Ads supports larger ad sizes.

Yes it does, at the state level.

Yes, we have a team specialized in building creative for FBX.

Not at this point.

Not at this point. FBX only supports desktop.

No. However an advertiser can track the ads using Dart for tracking purposes.