Retarget site visitors

We’re the only company that uses intent signals
from multiple sources—not just your website data.
This means we can convert more customers more
effectively than using standard retargeting.
Our Approach

There’s so much that your website data can tell you about your visitors.
By adding our live intent data to your retargeting campaign, we know more
precisely which visitor is more likely to convert. Rather than bucketing
individuals into pre-defined segments, we leverage your first-party data and
our intent data to deliver a highly personalized ad to the right customer. We
call this programmatic site retargeting and this is putting an end to
wasted impressions.

Your website data

We analyze a large variety of data points such as site
visitation history, category/pages viewed, time spent on
site, conversion history and many others.

Our intent data

We built a data network that captures billions
of searches, behavioral and contextual data signals.

More relevant and personalized ads,
that will lead to increased efficiency
The Evolution of Site Retargeting

Many retargeting programs are catch-all solutions producing inefficiencies.
Programmatic site retargeting is a newer way to reduce media waste and
increase your ROI. Based on massive amounts of live intent data, programmatic
site retargeting embeds logic and rules to dynamically change ad creative
and media buying. That means you show potential customers the right ad, the
right number of times, at the right price. When programmatic site retargeting
campaign is done right, you get better results.

Dynamic Creative

Most site retargeting creative solutions simply insert the product or category
that was viewed or added to the shopping cart. With dynamic creative, we
personalize creative beyond just the pages visited by the viewer.

1. Consumer goes to a
website's page

2. Chango aggregates
website data

3. Chango enhances this data
with our live intent data

4. Website and live intent data are
aggregated into Chango’s product
recommendation engine

5. A highly personalized ad
is delivered to the consumer


Our retargeting solutions come standard with powerful features such as
dynamic creative, fraud prevention and an online dashboard that allows you to
track your campaign performance in real time.

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