Why Chango

Our Programmatic

We firmly believe that all efficient advertising will be programmatic. The keyword is efficient—programmatic enables marketers to leverage data to buy audiences and drive efficiency through the use of algorithms and machine learning. It all started with Display but is quickly moving to
Video, Mobile, and Social.
We drive efficiency by having a universal view of your customers.

We analyze your customers’ behavior and constantly score them on multiple attributes and on multiple devices. We use the freshest possible data to determine your customer’s intent or attitude towards a given product or brand. We know what, when and where to show them an ad for maximum impact. And the best part is we do this in truly real time.

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We have live intent data.

We have all the contextual, behavioral, and demographics data every other competitor has. In addition, we have our own data network collecting billions of searches and browsing behaviors of your customers. We capture billions of page views a month and billions of search events from Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We have also trained our algorithms for 5 years to make our data as actionable as possible for the marketer.

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We can reach more customers.

Our platform is plugged into all major inventory sources across Display, Mobile, Video and Facebook Exchange (FBX). In addition we are one of the few platforms who has access to Twitter tailored audiences. The result is that we have unprecedented scale that allow us to “see” more customers in more places allowing us to be selective or show ads in the right sequence.

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We work hand in hand with clients.

All the technology in the world won't help if you cannot design and execute a campaign. Whether you are looking for a strategic perspective to meet your needs, or day-to-day help to run and optimize your campaigns, the Chango team will be there to help you succeed.

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We deliver results.

Our programmatic approach finds your exact target audience at each stage of the sales funnel. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers or retarget existing ones, we offer the solutions you need to meet your goals.

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