Why Chango

Programmatic Efficiency

We can constantly score individuals on multiple attributes simultaneously and know the exact moment in time that showing them an advertisement would have the maximum impact.

We use data to identify your audience

We algorithmically identify the target audience using multiple tactics and data unique to Chango.

We score each individual in real time

In real time we adjust the “value” of each consumer based on the site they are on, time of day, likelihood of conversion and many other attributes.

Our feedback loop

Our algorithms get the most out of the data points that are driving desired results. We've been training our intent and search data with algorithms for over 5 years.

How Do We Score

Using attributes such as 1st party data, search data,
browsing behavior, CRM data and many others, we are
able to determine an IntentScore for each individual in
your target audience.

Our IntentScore is constantly refreshed as we collect more data about your customers. A 'positive' intent trigger such as a web visit to an advertiser's site will increase the IntentScore.

Other attributes such as a previous search in Google could decrease the IntentScore. And finally attributes such as a previous conversion on the advertisers' website may bring the IntentScore even lower.

How do we target your audience based on this score?

By focusing on the true value of your customer, we are able to serve the right ad to the right customer at the right time. This eliminates media wastage and creates unparalleled efficiency.

The Data Science Team
Behind The Magic

Our data science team is made up of some of the
smartest data-crunching, model-training PhD's in our
industry and they won't rest until data turns into
results. We won't make the cliche "ad tech Einsteins"
reference … well, okay, maybe we will.


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